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Frequently Ask Questions


How much will a video cost?   

There is no set rate for producing a video. The cost depends on numerous factors like running time, number of locations, use of professional talent, use of motion graphics and set construction.  

Video productions are similar to building a house from designing a small affordable home to creating a luxury home, whatever is your budget, we’d be happy to sit down with you and discuss how to handle your project  in the most affordable manner, yet with the same professional and experience no matter the size. Video productions can be done affordably with simple planning.

Does our organization or business really need video?  

Yes!  I’m not saying that because we make videos, I’m saying that because nothing catches the eye and holds the viewer’s attention like a video.  Whether it’s a simple web video featuring a product or a heart rending video on somebody’s struggle, video will grab the audience and keep them focused on your message.

How much planning time should go into a video?  

As much as possible. The earlier you involve PPM, the better chance we have to getting the production costs down and lining up the right elements to help make the video successful.

Who writes the script for the video?   

We can work with you to develop a script which communicate your ideas in a visually pleasing way that fits your budget.