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Video Services

Production Partners Media offers services in video production, photography, motion graphics and publication design to organizations, businesses and schools that need videos highlighting their mission and/or accomplishments.  PPM serves the central Ohio area whether you need a video to feature a project you completed, demonstrate the legacy of a program, or produce videos for training and instructional purposes, we believe that the video format is a must-have for any organization.  It can be a commercial, live event or demonstration of a product or service.  Please contact us for video production needs today.

Our philosophy is we want to communicate your message in an exciting and affordable way so you can share your story or mission with the world. We bring over 50-years of combined experience to the set to help you make a successful video production.  We offer high end production with high definition and 4K cameras, extensive lighting packages, audio gear and the best of non-linear editing with professional graphics.

On Location

Production Partners Media staff loves going in the field to capture what makes your organization or product unique and to produce an affordable and visually exciting production which will tell the world what you have to offer. We bring high definition and 4K cameras, extensive lighting packages, audio gear and our experienced staff to every production.


Video Production

In the Studio 

Production Partners Media offers a 26×28 studio for your productions. It features greenscreen  and white walls for a variety of productions. The studio comes with light and grip packages. If needed, we can provide our affordable multicam system too.

  • Audio Packages
  • Scriptwriting
  • 26 x 28 Studio
  • Light and Grip Packages



Live Event Streaming

We offer live streaming to a worldwide audiences.  PPM can provide affordable multi-camera system to your location so you can stream it live on the web and record the video to be uploaded to the popular videos services such as Youtube and Vimeo. 

  • High Definition Videography
  • Commercials
  • Multicamera
  • Fast Uploads



Post Production 

We can handle most formats from old school VHS to 4K video. In addition, if you need to add some graphics for your project, we can create motion graphics using Premiere Pro or After Effects for your needs. Plus, we offer 3D animations for your production.

  • Non-linear Editing
  • Commercial Tagging
  • DVD Duplication
  • Closed Captioning
  • Audio Recording
  • Graphics