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Spears Cinematography Reel

About Scott Spears

Spears started out in Super-8 filmmaking in middle school and fell in love with telling stories with moving pictures. After graduating, he moved to Los Angeles and ended up shooting 30 feature films, commercials, music and corporate videos.  He brings over 20,000 hours of on-set experience to every production. He won an Emmy for the short film, “The Birthmark”, which aired nationally on PBS. He has a BFA and MA in Cinema Production from Ohio State University.  

This demo reel represents work from over three decades of working on narrative films. These movies were captured throughout the country from Hollywood to Nashville and throughout Ohio. Spears has worked in a variety of formats such as Super-16, 35mm and high definition technology. Spears loves his craft of telling stories through the moving image using exceptional lighting techniques and composition in his cinematography.

Scott Spears has been the owner of Production Partners Media since 2008.  

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